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Fostering Friendship – Producing Success
For over 30 years, Foster-Caviness Foodservice has been cultivating strong relationships between fruit and vegetable farmers and many of the finest dining establishments in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Southern Virginia. As a restaurant wholesale produce distributor, we deliver fresh, consistent produce daily across the Carolinas. While our food safety and logistical technology has changed extensively over that period, the core principle of Foster-Caviness today has remained very much the same as 100 years ago – to provide our customers and their clientele with a dependable, safe, and responsive resource for the freshest high quality selection of produce available.
FoodCycling – From Soil, to Kitchen, Back to Soil
ReOrganics™, a sustainability program from Foster-Caviness Foodservice, was established from a unique recycling system that utilizes vermiculture to reprocess vegetable waste into high quality organic compost and soil additives. Using earthworms throughout the foodcycling process enables ReOrganics worm farm to reduce produce waste while offering red wriggler earthworms, worm castings, and vermicompost to farmers and horticulturists. Working with our market partners, this process supports the sustainable practice of bringing food full circle – from soil, to table, back to soil. Visit the ReOrganics™ web site here for more information.
When you want the best, it's Got to Be NC!
The mission of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services is to promote the state's agricultural bounty to consumers in our state, across the country, and around the world. As a fresh produce wholesale distributor to restaurants across North and South Carolina, Foster-Caviness Foodservice is proud to be a part of this effort to promote one of our state's greatest natural resources – agriculture! Through programs such as Friends of Farmers, Foster-Caviness supports our local growers in order to continue to feed this thriving economic engine. Look for the Got to Be NC label when you shop to assure top quality and locally grown.
Greener Fields Together
Foster-Caviness is very proud to have participated in this year's Farm Aid at Walnut Creek Amphitheatre in Raleigh. Greener Fields Together, the sustainability and local produce initiative was created by PRO-ACT, the national produce supply chain management company of which Foster-Caviness is a member. Our management team participated in an educational booth in the Homegrown Area of the festival, with a special interactive display of its ReOrganics™ vermiculture program. They also lent one of their iconic trucks to help the Homegrown Youth Market, a program where grandchildren of local farmers sell produce to raise money.

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