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Home Sweet Farm - Loris, SC

The old adage “the fruit does not fall far from the tree” is alive and well on a small farm in the Bayboro community of Loris, South Carolina. Jimmy Rabon and Miracle Lewis are the owners of Home Sweet Farm, a blossoming fruit and vegetable farm they began four years ago. But this is not the first time the Lewis family has farmed on this land. Miracle’s great grandfather grew tobacco and corn on the land decades before, and her grandfather, Bill Lewis, farmed a portion of the land since the early 1940s. Bill passed away in 2011, leaving the farm vacant. Jimmy and Miracle decided that they would like to continue the family tradition, and began emersing themselves into sustainable farming techniques.

The couple set out researching fruit and vegetable production and contacted their local extension agents. Miracle earned an internship at the local extension office and they both took advantage of several agriculture classes offered to the community. Their first venture into the farming business was to plant an acre of Freestone peach trees and Muscadine grape vines. The following Spring they continued to “get their feet wet” with an acre of mixed vegetables, some of which were grown by Miracle’s ancestors years before. As they learned and experimented with a large variety of crops to determine what grew best in the region and sold best in their markets, the farm thrived, tripling production over the last three years. They now produce strawberries, onions, potatoes, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, eggplant, cabbage, cauliflower, watermelon, cantaloupe, sweet corn,  and sweet potatoes.

 Home Sweet Farm believes in practicing sustainable agriculture as a way to ensure the longeivity and health of their soil. They actively nurture crop pollination through a Carniolan honey bee colony and selective native pollinator crops. Understanding the signifigance of the local food movement, the farm has also been active in their surrounding community through farmers markets and a culinary arts program at the local community college. With a steady stream of customers for their consistent and sustainable farm production, Foster-Caviness partnered with Home Sweet Farm through their Friends of Farmers local program. The partnerships offers Foster-Caviness customers a dependable source for locally grown produce, while Home Swwet Farm benefits from increased brand recognition and experienced advice on providing a consistent product each season.

Foster-Caviness is happy to be in a partnership with Home Sweet Farms, offering their locally grown, sustainable  product to our market partners. To find out more about them, visit them on Facebook here.





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