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Your Local Greens - Burlington, NC

In an age of increasingly unpredictable and destructive weather patterns, farmers have looked to find a more stable, controllable environment in which to grow their product. A resulting movement to interior, urban growing is exemplified by Your Local Greens, a privately held grower located in Burlington. The company produces lettuces and micro-greens year round that meet or exceed allcertified organic requirements while using just 10% of water typically required in traditional field farming. Recycling its nutrients instead of yielding them to the soil, YLG operations have less than 5% waste, while using all natural nutrient recipes prevents the need for pesticides or herbicides.

Key to Your Local Greens soil free operation is the use of low energy LED lighting through apartnership with Phillips Lighting. Along with a clean-room environment, this allows every aspect of the growing process to be tightly controlled. The result is greater, year-round yield than seasonal field crops or even greenhouse growing. By properly controlling the temperature of the product during harvesting, and not having to wash the plants in chemicals prior to packaging, YLG is able toenhance the flavor and nutritional content while lengthening the product’s shelf-life


But the amazing story of Your Local Greens does not stop there. The company was founded by two fathers who both have children with disabilities, and so it was decided early that the company would focus on hiring and training disabled individuals. Many of YLGs 45 local investors have done sobecause of that commitment. The company works closely with NC Disability In and the localnot-for-profit TEACCH to hire and train its employees with disabilities. “Having a positive impacton the communities where we produce and sell our produce is at the heart of everything we do,”explains Abbey Noah, YLG Grower and Horticulturist, “and having a partner like Foster-Caviness who can appreciate the quality of our product as well as our mission helps communicate that to our customers.” Foster-Caviness is proud to be partnered with such a forward thinking and community centered supplier as Your Local Greens.

To find out more about Your Local Greens, visit their web site here  




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