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Friends Of Farmers

Foster-Caviness believes that a strong local growing community means a higher quality product to our various market partners. That was the idea behind our Friends of Farmers™ program - to establish relationships between our local produce Farmers and the finest Chefs in the area by providing our expertise in vendor screening, food safety, and logistics. The end result is a supply of fresh, seasonal produce that not only helps our customers deliver deliciously fresh food, but also helps our community at large grow into a more prosperous, agricultural region.

If you are interested in becoming a grower for Foster-Caviness, please fill out our contact form and let us know in the Comments section.

Local Produce Listing

In addition to its weekly Market Reports and periodic Inventory Alerts, Foster-Caviness also offers our market partners a Local Produce Listing. Each growing month or season, we provide a guide of locally grown produce that lists all available product and ordering specifics. To see the latest Local Produce Listing in PDF format, simply click on the PDF icon below.

If you would like to receive Local Produce Listings by email, please click here.

To see the current Local Produce Guide, click here.


Pro*Act Provides Guidance to Ensure Safe Practices for Locally Grown Produce

Demand by foodservice operator for local produce is growing fast, but so are questions about how to ensure its safety. To that end, PRO*ACT, America’s leading distributor of fresh produce to the foodservice industry, has published tow new guidance documents to increase understanding and use of proper food-safety standards and procedures in the burgeoning business. Download >>




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