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Chef Lucas Doty - The Root Cellar Cafe - Chapel Hill, NC

Some of Chef Lucas Doty’s earliest and most memorable food experiences were from his Ukrainian-born grandmother, who spoiled the family with homemade Swedish meatballs, pillowy pierogies stuffed with cheddar and potato, and fried donuts sprinkled with powdered sugar. Doty brings that made from scratch with authentic ingredients sensibility as... Read more >>>


Home Sweet Farm - Loris, SC

The old adage “the fruit does not fall far from the tree” is alive and well on a small farm in the Bayboro community of Loris, South Carolina. Jimmy Rabon and Miracle Lewis are the owners of Home Sweet Farm, a blossoming fruit and vegetable farm they began four years ago. But this is not the first time the Lewis family has farmed on this land. Miracle’s great grandfather... Read more >>>



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