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Market Partner Spotlight

Chef Steve Archer, MS, RD, LDN

Waltonwood Providence - Charlotte, NC

With baby boomers enjoying retirement, more and more communities are being built to cater to their needs. This clientele are expecting more from those retirement communities, and higher quality and diversity of food is no exception. Steve Archer, the Executive Chef at Waltonwood Providence in Charlotte is taking that demand to new heights by balancing nutrition with great tasting cuisine. Also a registered Dietician, Chef Archer considers his role as “more of a food liaison where I act as a conduit between the world of nutritional science and the world of culinary arts.”

Archer was classically trained in French cooking from Johnson and Wales and Winthrop University, but his culinary influences come from a variety of places from his time spent overseas. But it is from his Southern roots that Chef Archer describes his style as “scratch cooking,” which echoes through everything he prepares.

A large portion of the scratch approach relies on fresh ingredients, especially produce. “In my kitchen, we utilize farm fresh produce in virtually every single dish we prepare. It is at the very core of what we do. First and foremost, the freshness of the product should go without saying. If the produce is not fresh, the product cannot possibly taste fresh.”

In addition to speed of delivery from farm to dock, and a reasonable price point, freshness of the product is why Chef Archer values the partnership that Waltonwood has with Foster-Caviness. Local products are a big part of that freshness, and while buying direct is sometimes an option, professional distributors have a more important role to play by assisting local farmers with HACCP certification and providing guidance, insuring that both they and their products are compliant with all local, regional and federal safety and hygiene laws and practices, and perhaps more importantly paying them a fair price for their products.

Chef Archer’s insistence on fresh, and when possible, locally grown produce not only comes from his personal beliefs in nutritious cuisine, but also from his customers. “My Patrons are elderly, most of them depression era children. Virtually every one of our residents grew up eating produce from a garden outside of their backdoors. They would immediately know the difference between frozen or canned and fresh produce. Foster-Caviness allows us to provide our residents with garden-fresh, delicious produce at each and every meal.” 

To visit one of the special culinary events at Waltonwood Providenc, go to www.waltonwood.com./taste-of-waltonwood.




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