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Foster-Caviness offers a large variety of produce from around the corner to around the globe. We team up with local farmers in our Friends of Farmers™ program in order to support the community in which we live and work. With our membership to the nations leading perishables cooperative, PRO*ACT, Foster-Caviness is able to leverage vast purchasing volume, sourcing and logistics talent, and resources to provide solutions and unlimited selection to our market partners through our extensive network of member distributors.

Specialty & Artisan Products

With our procurement partner PRO*ACT and a number of local artisans, Foster-Caviness has teamed up with the best specialty growers across the globe and in our own backyard, offering new and unique produce and other fresh artisan products to empower culinary creativity and menu design. 

Hickory Nut Gap Meats is a family owned business based in Fairview, North Carolina.  Jamie and Amy Ager are the fourth generation to farm at HNG. They have been selling local, pasture raised meats into local markets since returning to the family farm in 2000. 

Over the years the demand for local food led the creation of a network of like minded farms to increase access to local, pasture raised meats for chefs in the Carolinas. The HNG producer protocol ensures that all hogs and cattle raised on and for Hickory Nut Gap are:

• Pasture raised
• Antibiotic free
• Hormone free
• Hogs are vegetarian fed
• Cattle are 100% grassfed

Through our Friends of Farmers local program, Foster-Caviness is please to be partnering with Hickory Nut Gap Meats in order to make their high qualty meats available to our market partners.

To start receiving fresh foods and artisan products from Foster-Caviness, click here to fill out an application. If you already have an account, call 1-800-289-8344 to place an order, or use our ONLINE ORDERING SYSTEM.




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