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Foster-Caviness believes in providing our customer/market partners with the tools they need to make informed decisions on the produce that they order, prepare, and serve to the community. That is why we make several Reports and Publications available on a regular basis by email.

THE PRODUCE PRESS: - Click here to see our latest newsletter with interesting information about Foster-Cavines, our Market Partners, Farmers, Employees, and Products.

PRODUCT CONDITION ALERTS! - Click here to see our latest Product Condition Alert.


The SOURCE Newsletter - A complimentary weekly newsletter published by Foster-Caviness and our produce procurement partners at PRO*ACT, this valuable produce industry resource provides just-in-time information on Growing Region Weather Forecasts, Freight Reports with Diesel Fuel Trends, Commodity Updates on the quality and market conditions of specific items, and important Food Safety and Commodity Alerts.

Watch The Source Live, PRO*ACTs video series with updates on Crop Conditions:


The OUTLOOK Newsletter Also in partnership with our national procurement partner PRO*ACT, The OUTLOOK offers our market partners with timely information on produce supplies and forecasts based on weather conditions. With this valuable information, our market partners are better able to plan menus in advance.





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